Kodiak Minimate - Tournament of Fighters

Kodiak Charity Minimate - Tournament of Fighters
The 5th annual Charitymates customizing event brings you the Tournament of Fighters!
Customizer Mini Myte presents Kodiak, a mighty warrior known to the Native American people of North America by many names. Legend has it, he once was a young man wanting to fight the great bear god Uzumati, but was defeated and cursed. Is it just a legend?
The Kodiak Charity Minimate is just great. Mini Myte once more shows of his sculpting and painting skills. That bear headdress is just awesome! And I really enjoy the backstory of his fighter. Very well done! You can see a lot more pics and read the complete backstory after the jump. And don't forget: Kodiak will soon be for sale!
Charitymates is an annual charity event held at the Minimate Multiverse, where people create and donate a Minimate which are then auctioned off on eBay.


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