Lukas Rand Tetsuwan Minimate - Tournament of Fighters

Lukas Rand Tetsuwan Minimate - Tournament of Fighters
The 5th annual Charitymates customizing event brings you the Tournament of Fighters!
Bob Harris introduces Lukas Rand, the man they call Tetsuwan! A young man, raised in Japan to become a samurai, later traveling his country as a hero for hire after his master died. He's called Tetsuwan - Iron Arm - because of his steam powered prosthesis, created by no other than Hattori Hanz┼Ź and Jules Verne.
Lukas Rand is highly inspired by Luke Cage and Iron Fist and lives in the Furyous Basterds Universe, a steampunk inspired 19th Century. You can see more pics, read the backstory and get the recipe after the jump. And don't miss your chance to buy Lukas Rand in June.
Charitymates is an annual charity event held at the Minimate Multiverse, where people create and donate a Minimate which are then auctioned off on eBay.


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