Tournament of Fighters Minimates

Tournament of Fighters Minimates
The 5th annual Charitymates customizing event brings you the Tournament of Fighters! Customizer BrobotC is highly productive and donates five fighters to the Tournament. You got from left to right: a petty thief possessed by an evil spirit, a demon warrior from Hell, the Tournaments first champion locked in a body with thousands of evil souls, a martial arts master trained by the elemental gods themselves, and robot created by an evil scientist, developing a mind of his own.
They really work well together and could easily be regarded as charaters from a video game, right? I like Cain, the guy on the right most, because the half man half machine thing works pretty cool on him. Don't forget: you will be able to buy every single one of them!
Charitymates is an annual charity event held at the Minimate Multiverse, where people create and donate a Minimate which are then auctioned off on eBay.


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