MotU Zodac Minimate

MotU Zodac Minimate

Today, I proudly present an exclusive preview of one of Nervous' newest Minimate customs: a MotU Zodac Minimate! We've already seen his incredible take on good old Man-At-Arms and now he's back with another old school Masters of the Universe custom. His take on the original Cosmic Enforcer Zodac - not to be confused with his dark skinned and tribal tattoos wearing pupil Zodak - is once more top notch. The helmet looks just perfect and so does his chest armor. He even comes with this retro-futuristic laser pistol! And I really like the washed color scheme. It gives his whole line - yes, I consider it to become a whole line of customs - a darker touch. Somehow. Great custom. Now I'm really looking forward to the next guy in line. Maybe another BAMF-exclusive look.


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