Shrapnel Minimate

Shrapnel Minimate
There isn't much known about Shrapnel. He's a mutated human. Probably. Or he's a a series of organic cells creating a single consciousness. What we do know is, that his whole body is covered with hundreds of separate razor-sharp pieces of metal. Hence the name. That makes it pretty hard to pursue an ordinary profession so he's working as an assassin for hire. What's also a damn hard job, to customize that guy. Customizer Boyd did a pretty amazing job with this Shrapnel Minimate. I just don't want to imagine how much time it takes to sculpt all of these pointy bits, paint them, give them some detail and in the and glue them to a minimate body while keeping it's articulation. Very cool. Have a closer look, view a lot more pics and read all about the recipe right after the jump.


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