X-Factor Havok Minimate

X-Factor Havok Minimate
Do you remember X-Factor back in the 90s, when they started being this U.S. government-sponsored team? Back then Alex Summers was their leader and he had this pretty wicked typical 90s outfit, way cooler than the black one with the ridiculous helmet thingy. Anyway, when customizing minimates, finding the right parts is a very important thing. When you got the right parts, you need to have a closer look at the details. Sometimes it's repainting a part here or a sharpie there and you're done. Sometime you also have to manipulate some parts. I guess it's this eye for the right details that makes a good custom to a very good one. Just look at that brilliant X-Factor Havok Minimate, Ms. Marvel Fan just did. Great selection of used parts, some of them repainted, some modified. The result's great, isnt it? You'll find the recipe right after the jump.


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