Two And A Half Men Charlie Sheen Minimate

Charlie Sheen Minimate

Two of the toughest things to do in customizing Minimates are sticking to a vanilla mate plus hair and doing a civilian character. Mini Myte comes up with a hilariously great custom combining both, a cicilian character as a vanilla mate. Ladies and gentlemen: Charlie Sheen Minimate. He really nails Charlie's famous Two And A Half Men look as Charlie Harper with a bright bowling shirt and shorts. Amazing job, but it gets even better: Mini Myte is hosting the very funny webcomic site Tales From The Minibar, and his Charlie Sheen Minimate is featured in the incredibly funny story Two And A Half Interviews. You can see more pics of Charlie and read the story after the jump.


  1. Wow Bob! Thanks for the Sheen plug. I had a feeling people would like this one. It's so WINNING!

  2. It is, it definitely is! Great work. You found the perfect hair piece to match the face. And the shirt you design is spot on. Love it!



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