Six-Armed Shocker Minimate

Six-Armed Shocker
Shocker! He's that guy from Spidey's rouges gallery who has a pair of gauntlets that can project a concentrated blast of air that is vibrated at an intense frequency. Now multiply that by three and you have: Six-Armed Shocker! Thrice the fun! Wait, six-armed? Well yes, right off Amazing Spider-Man #669! Customizer Boyd sure was faster than anybody else to come up with this Six-Armed Shocker Minimate. AA/DST recently released an official Six-Armed Spider-Man Minimate, but while the part giving him the additional arm pegs also bulked him a little too much, Boyd glued the additional arm pegs right to the torso. Slick! So please DST, have this in mind before you give us a Spiral Minimate. You can view more pics and read about the recipe after the jump.


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