Mystique Minimate

Mystique Minimate
Mystique is probably one of the greatest female supervillains ever created, bending the world to their desire and getting away with it. Now we already have an official Mystique Minimate and although she looks pretty nice. But compared with the current minimate standards and the great details they come with nowadays, an update might be nice. That's what customizer Psyguy must have thought, since he came up with a new Mystique Minimate in her Dark X-Men costume. See those details I was talking about? He even gave her the red shoe soles! Go have a closer look and get the recipe after the jump.



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Bob is having a closer look at custom minimate creations by customizers from all over the interwebs. Marvel, DC, Indie Comics, Cartoons, TV-Series, Movies, Video Games. You name it. Oh, and he's a customizer himself. Here's all his stuff.