Metamorpho Minimate

Metamorpho Minimate
Elements! What would we do without you? I mean, not literally, but in literature. Rex Mason became, after being exposed to a redioactive meteorite, the Element Dude Man! He's able to shapeshift into any element found in the human body - go Molybdenum! -, but isn't able to transform into a normal human form anymore. Tragedy. But what am I telling you, go listen to his song! Anyway, we've already seen some Metamorpho Minimates - like here and here -, but it's customizer extraordinaire Luke who brings us the 'mate we might would have gotten, if... Well, we all know the sad story, don't we? This guy is great and the combination of very well designed decals and a clever use of parts makes works very well on him. You can have a closer look after the jump.


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