Scott Pilgrim Ramona Flowers Minimate

Scott Pilgrim Ramona Flowers Minimate
Tha last day of our little Scott Pilgrim VS Shamrock Week introduces the girl of Scott's dreams: Ramona Flowers. She literally is the girl Scott met in his dreams and now he's totally in lurve with her. On the one hand, she's amazing, attractive, lived in New York and is therefore cool, works as a ninja delivery girl for and, I mean just wow. Well, on the other hand she has seven evil exes, doesn't she? Anyway, once more Shamrock nailed her. No, wait, that came out wrong. He did an amazing job on his Ramona Flowers Minimate and you just have to admire those sculpted details! The hair, the goggles, the subspace bag, the hammer! He even made her removable rollerbaldes! Go, have a look yourself and check out more pics of her after the jump.



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