Scott Pilgrim Minimate

Scott Pilgrim Minimate
It was seven years ago today - not really today, but in August 2004 - when Bryan Lee O'Malley came up with the first issue of his Scott Pilgrim series. That's five and a half year before I jumped on the bandwaggon. Boy was I late! Protagonist of this lovely boy-meets-girl-meets-evil-exes-coming-of-age-story is Scott Pilgrim, who's awesome (at least that's how he's rated) and the best fighter in Ontario, Canada. Customizer Shamrock did the amazing job to basicly customize the whole main cast! Reason enough to run an official Scott Pilgrim VS. Shamrock Week here at BAMF! We start off with the man on a mission himself, here's Shamrock's Scott Pilgrim Minimate complete with X-Men parka and the Power-of-Love sword (Guts +2, Heart +3, Smarts +1, Will +1). Actually this is Shamrock's second version of him (here's the first) and he improved a lot of details. Have a closer look and see more pics of Scott right after the jump.


  1. Thanks for your interest! As you might've read, I didn't do the custom. This site here collects custom Minimates from a lot of different people. This one's done by customizer Shamrock so you might try to contact him.



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