Young Avengers Wiccan Minimate

Young Avengers Wiccan Minimate
Billy Kaplan is Wiccan, the Young Avengers who's able to use magic. His name was part of a failsafe program that Vision 1.1 (Comicvine says it's Vision 2.0, but I trust Mirypedia more) had developed to ensure the existence of the Avengers team in case of... you know what happend. Vision might have chosen him, because actually he's Wiccan's father. Scarlet Witch being his mother. And teammember Speed's his twin brother. While Team member Hulkling's his boyfriend. Family ties. It's complicated. Not complicated at all but amazing is Psyguy's Young Avengers Wiccan Minimate. Take a look at all those stunning details! The cape, the staff, the belt, the shoulder pad. Incredible, isn't it? Have a closer look and learn about the parts used after the jump.


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