The Warlord Minimate

The Warlord Minimate
In an Edgar-Rice-Burroughs-meets-Jules-Verne-Hollow-Earth-world, former Vietnam veteran Travis Morgan lives and fights as the Warlord: a more civilized Conan with white hear, a sword and a .44 AutoMag. Sweet seventies. Customizer Hellpop assembled a custom Warlord Minimate and while it's basicly a quick custom, it works just fine. His iconic - but somehow useless? - chain might be added as well as the skull on his right shoulder, but that's details. I really like the lion cloth, though. Anyway, go ahead and have a closer look after the jump.


  1. Thanks for the link, Bob!

    You will notice that I cleverly positioned the sword across his torso, right where the chain would be, so as to distract from my inefficiencies. Shhh!

  2. You're very welcome. Was about time, wasn't it.

    And the thing with the missing chain across his chest - I won't waste one word on that subject. Cross my heart!



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